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The ADRA European regional Office's (ADRA EU) purpose is to influence the decision-making processes in the European Institutions, as these processes contribute to the eradication of poverty worldwide. To achieve this mission, the office collaborates with and fosters partnerships within its European network and around the world.

ADRA's work

ADRA strives to identify and address social injustice and deprivation in developing countries. The agency's work seeks to improve the life of those in need. ADRA advocates and invests in the potential of individuals whilst responding to Emergencies and through community development initiatives targeting:

ADRA develops Volunteer Programs and DEAR "Development Education and Awareness Rising" campaigns in Europe, to increase the participation of the public and especially young people, for actions against poverty and fairer relations between countries.

Identity & Values

Originally founded by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, ADRA is a non-governmental organization which carries out development and relief in 130 countries.

We believe ...

... In expressing concern, compassion and empathy through our work.
... In non-discrimination and respect for differences, accepting people as equals regardless of race, ethnicity, culture,
   &nbsp gender, political, or religious affiliation.
... In participatory development which utilizes both men and women's capabilities and provides equal opportunity for
   &nbsp individuals.
... That all resources, opportunities, and advantages are gifts, which must be managed responsibly.
... That integrity at every level is an appropriate expectation due by all partners in the development process.
... That through humanitarian acts we make known the just, merciful and loving character of God.
... That to work with those in need is an expression of our love for God.