70 th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

He has a firmness in the eyes, unsmiling lips, wrinkles around the eyes, a grey beard and silver hair. Dressed in a white shirt and black frockcoat, this is the only preserved photo of John Byington, a pioneer, who lived in the mid-nineteenth century. But there is more about Byington than just this a simple picture. As a pioneer of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, he stood up for human rights in stark contrast to the majority of people at the time.

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ORANGE THE WORLD on november 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls

Violence Women
25 November 2018 - She was seating in a living room with her cigarette between her fingers. Waiting. Waiting for a phone call. From him. Phone finally rang. She jumped and quickly listened to the man on the other side: "Come and pick me up. I am here with my friends. We are all coming home. Fix some food and cold beers."

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ADRA Europe Annual Forum Promotes Greater Collaboration, Impact

Annual Forum
01 November 2018 | Budapest, Hungary. | Maja Ahac, TED News. Leaders of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Europe met to discuss new approaches to making a greater impact around the world, at the agency’s annual forum meeting in Budapest, Hungary, October 22-25, 2018.

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ADRA seeks to help Greek fire victims

photo Grece
26 July 2018 | Athens [ADRA Europe / tedNEWS] With more than eighty-five dead, hundreds injured, and more than 1,200 homes destroyed following deadly wildfires near Athens, Greece, ADRA is already working to provide support.

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Europe takes lead for World Refugee Sabbath, 16 June

photo Refugee
11 June 2018 | Belgrade, Serbia [EUD & TED Communications] For the third year running, Europe will be taking a lead in highlighting the plight and needs of refugees both in Europe and around the world.

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World Refugee Sabbath

photo balcan
June 2018 - World Refugee Sabbath is June 16 and World Refugee Day is Wednesday, June 20. There are plenty of ways that your church (or just you!) can show your support.
Do you want to share a message of compassion on World Refugee Sabbath at your church?

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photo Climb
July 2018 - Pedro Castelo and Kostyantyn Storozhenko, are two young adventurers, with a tremendous passion for nature and discover of unknown. They have climbed several mountains together, from Pyrenees, Alps, Picos de Europa, Sierra Nevada, Mount Atlas, among others in several countries. They love outdoor life, as well as charity, and so they are volunteers of ADRA Portugal.

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Project - UP TO START

photo Romania
April 2018 - € 1.7 million approved european grant for the adra project in the south-east region of Romania
For adra Romania, the "UP TO START" project in the south-east region makes the transition from assistance interventions to the disadvantaged social categories towards the economic development and human resource utilization.

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ADRA Australia Volunteers Respond to Bushfire Emergency

photo Volonteers
March 26, 2018 - A team of ADRA volunteers has been personally thanked by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian for their efforts responding to the devastating bushfires in south-eastern NSW.

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