Health for all

Health for all Catia is a single mother. She is a migrant from Brazil and came to Slovenia as a young woman in her 20s.

She found out about ADRA Slovenija's / ADRA International program through her counselor at the local Center for social welfare. When she saw who was the facilitator of the program she was immediately convinced this is something she wants to be part of. She had very positive experiences with ADRA in the past.

Catia is very interested in healthy living and lifestyle but she never had the means to try new things and offer her son better nutrition. When the workshops started she came to the first meeting a little bit scared not knowing what to expect. Once the workshops started she was amazed and felt immediately welcomed by ADRA staff and the group members. At that point she knew she could learn a lot. Every month she receives a box full of healthy, nutritious food. Health box offers her and her son opportunity to develop health habits.

Catia says: "I cannot imagine my life without this program anymore. I feel that my choice to join the group was the best decision I made. I feel like human. Everybody is treating me very nice and that has been a rarity in my life. To feel dignity. To be treated kindly. To be able to participate and feel like an equal".

Social aspect of the workshops is very important to her. She says that she learned a lot and that the health box she receives has tremendously improved her life. "Now I can offer my son vegetables and fruits every day and that is a luxury for us". She said that they can live off the Box for 2 weeks and that this is a huge help with their monthly budget. She also told us she learned a lot about nutrition in general, how to combine ingredients and how to use them to the fullest. "I tried some new foods that are not as expensive as I thought and now I know how to use them and that is really cool."

"I always wanted to be healthy and try to exercise more but I never had the means to join the gym and learn how to exercise correctly and this program offers me just that."

She also explained that maintaining a healthy life style is very important to her, since she was overweight for most of her life. "To be able to check my blood so often and see progress or good results is a huge motivation for me to continue to be healthy. Because of this program I can say I am a much happier and healthy person, mentally and physically. Best of all I made new friends."