Pandemic doesn't stop ADRA from doing good.

Because of your support, our ADRA teams all across Europe are bringing hope, food, hygiene kits, building testing centers, providing protection, ....
We are here with you and for you. And we promise to stay as long as you will need us! What about you? Do you promise to stay with us and support our efforts to stop pandemic as long as help is needed?

Stay strong and healthy!

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Adra Croatia Food support in Croatia
Adra Belgium Volunteers in Belgium. Happy, shiny people
Adra Austria Food baskets in Austria
Adra Finland Finland Helping elderly people

Adra Croatia Volunteers in Portugal distrubutingsupport with their own cars
Adra Belgium Italian volunteers supporting people in need along with other organizations
Adra Austria Distribution center in Italy
Adra Finland Distributing food packages and obeying protection measures in Austria

Adra Croatia Food pasckages iin Romania
Adra Belgium Center is finished in Slovakia
Adra Austria Distributing support in UK. Things have changed but we adapted
Adra Finland Packages of food and other essential items for people in UK

Adra Croatia Meals for people in need in UK
Adra Belgium FInland volunteers
Adra Austria Support to homeless and vulnerable in Belgium!
Adra Finland Yes, we love helping and supporting people in need in Portugal