TED Pathfinder children support child education

September 24, 2019 | ADRA International.

Every child. Everywhere. In School. A major advocacy programme is being promoted by ADRA. Pathfinders at the TED camporee are among those joining in a petition that will challenge the UN and governments to do more to provide education that will lift children out of poverty.

You can sign the petition here

Today, 262 million children are denied the right to education. Yet we know that every child, everywhere, has the right to be in school and to receive a quality education. Adventists around the world are asking people to join a global, Adventist-led movement to ensure that all children are able to attend school, complete their education, and have a brighter future.

One person at the end of your aisle should have a petition for you to sign. Today, I’m asking on behalf of the Adventist church that you all sign this petition to see all children gain access to a quality education.

A child who is out of school is more vulnerable to human traffickers and recruitment by militias, and at increased risk of early marriage, teen pregnancy, and child labor.

The call for every child, everywhere, to be in school is a recognition of the value and potential of each individual child. All children are children of God—precious in His sight—and deserve the opportunity to live a life of dignity and purpose, free from exploitation and the shackles of poverty.

The power of educating every child is profound. If all girls completed secondary education, there would be 49% fewer child deaths, 64% fewer early marriages, and 59% fewer young pregnancies, and they would earn up to 45% more than a woman with no education. Armed with an appreciation of the importance of education and the means to support her children through school, the cycle of poverty could be broken and all future generations could benefit from that education of just one girl.

These petitions will be presented to world leaders, calling on them to take more action. The petition is just one part in a sustained global campaign, launched by ADRA and supported by the Church, to see every child, everywhere in school by 2030.