Photo Pedro Castelo and Kostyantyn Storozhenko, are two young adventurers, with a tremendous passion for nature and discover of unknown. They have climbed several mountains together, from Pyrenees, Alps, Picos de Europa, Sierra Nevada, Mount Atlas, among others in several countries. They love outdoor life, as well as charity, and so they are volunteers of ADRA Portugal.

Now they have created the project Climb for Hope. Its aim is to go to the 28 countries of the European Union and climb the highest point of each country. They will do conferences and speeches, about this project and the refugees’ needs, in as many countries as possible. One car, one journey, 20.000 km, 28 countries and summits in the summer 2018. The accumulated height of all climbed mountains is over 54.000mt. The objective is to gather donations by crowdfunding, with 1€ for every meter climbed. All collected money will be given to ADRA Serbia in order to provide new opportunity for refugees, and support the Vocational Trainings.

As a preparation, in August 2017, the two climbers went to Serbia with the support of ADRA Portugal and collaborated with the local office to understand and meet their needs. They visited 2 refugee camps and experienced the harsh reality, which is experienced by the refugees.
They also interviewed the refugees and so understood the reasons that led them to flee from their countries, the adversities they faced there, as well as those faced all the way to the refugee camp in Serbia, difficulties of staying there and the almost impossible entry into the EU.

ADRA Community Centre is preparing its users for labour market, by investing in the development of their talents and providing them with economic empowerment. In cooperation with accredited institutions, ADRA Serbia is providing Vocational Trainings, where refugees can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge on job working that can help them get employment in the future.

All refugees that attend classes regularly and complete training successfully will receive an internationally recognized certificate of training conclusion. The certificate is not only recognized by employers in Serbia, but also in other European Union countries.

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