A Dream Came True!

 “A dream came true! When God blesses our efforts, everything is possible. I am thrilled to have a new ADRA EDUCATIONAL CENTER where our friends from other countries can experience the hospitality of Romanian people, learn our language, and build friendships with ADRA volunteers,” said Mihai Brașov. Mihai is Volunteer Manager and Project Coordinator for the project “Hope for migrants” at ADRA Romania.

ADRA in Romania inaugurated a new educational centre in Bucharest in October 2020. Center provides learning opportunities to foreigners. The establishment of the centre was supported by Muntenia conference of Seventh-day Adventist church and by several anonymous donators.

At ADRA we see the precious value of each human being. For us, refugees and migrants are humans, equal to us, valuable and worthy of support and well-being. Volunteers engage through the “Hope for migrants” project. They are volunteering with compassion and are speaking a clear message of hope to refugees who found themselves in complex and fragile situations. ADRA aims to minimize the impact of distress for as many men, women and children as possible.

Currently, 150 refugees and migrants are involved in the courses. They are coming from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia. ADRA EDUCATIONAL CENTER runs diverse learning courses: Romanian, English, and Arabic language courses, men’s haircuts course, tailoring course, music course, IT courses, biology course. Center organises seminars, conferences, receptions or events.

”It is our duty and joy to support the establishment of the EDUCATIONAL CENTER and thus support foreigners. As Christians, we recognise that each of us is foreigner and traveller on this earth. Our Father in Heaven is waiting for us to come home. The help we receive from above obliges us to offer support and to experience the joy that comes from serving. We offer support to vulnerable categories, thus contributing to the stability and development of society as a whole. We hope that this initiative will engage as many people as possible, that planned activities will take place, objectives will be met. I wish success to the volunteers who will support the foreigners through this project,” said Robert Mandache, President of the Muntenia Conference, Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Robert Georgescu, Executive Director ADRA Romania emphasised the importance of protecting foreigners and their rights: “ADRA Romania, together with ADRA network, supports migrants and refugees. With the new EDUCATIONAL CENTER, ADRA continues the activity started already in the year 2015. Through our project “Hope for migrants” we provide support to the families and young migrants inside Romania. Inauguration of the new Center shows that empathy and care for our fellow man should be our daily aim that breaks geographical, cultural, ethnic, religious and gender boundaries.”

“I am impressed by the ADRA project “Hope for migrants.” I saw migrants who have integrated quite well in Romanian society, but who do not think selfishly but make serious efforts to help others as well. They cannot be happy unless they know that others are safe and doing good. The Muntenia Conference can support this noble activity. We are thus following the footsteps of our Savior, and for that, I feel honoured and humbled,” said Gabriel Ișvan, Executive Secretary of the Muntenia Conference, the seventh-day Adventist church in Romania.

“Education has been and remains the most valuable tool for improving the lives of people. The new ADRA EDUCATIONAL CENTER will substantially help to welcome and integrate the foreigners in the Romanian society. Many people were forced to leave their native country. I congratulate ADRA and the precious team of volunteers for their constant support to people, who found themselves in these difficult situations. The help offered through this Center is not only an emergency intervention, but support provides the beneficiaries with the skills and competencies necessary for a better quality of life,” said Valentin Filimon, Director of Education, Official Relations and Religious Freedom Muntenia Conference.

At the opening ceremony Mohaned Alkorejee of Baghdad, a radiologist from Iraq, shared his experience with the ADRA centre: “Today I would like to share with you my experience with this centre. I heard about this organization. Instantly I noticed the difference between what I read and what I experienced. From the first moment, you made me feel welcomed. You made me feel like I am at home with my family. It was an amazing atmosphere of learning and knowledge exchange. We participated in lessons with a wonderful teacher. He makes an extraordinary effort to learn our language. Many thanks to our teacher, Mr Mihai Brașov. Thank you very much ADRA. I hope you make progress in your work.”

At ADRA Europe we are congratulating our Romanian colleagues and wishing them success as they continue to serve humanity, so all may live a good and happy life, just as God intended.

Photos Credit with the courtesy of ADRA Romania