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Welcome to ADRA Europe! We are a dynamic and passionate team dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. 

If you have a desire to serve others, make a difference, and be part of an organization that strives for excellence, then ADRA is the place for you. At ADRA, our focus is on providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable individuals and communities in 118 countries around the world. Our projects range from responding to emergencies and providing relief aid, to empowering communities through sustainable development initiatives in areas such as health, education, and livelihoods.

Joining ADRA as staff means becoming part of a global network of professionals who are committed to improving lives and building a better future. Our team is diverse, with members from different backgrounds and expertise, all united by the common goal of making a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve. We value teamwork, collaboration, and innovation, and believe that every individual can contribute their unique skills and talents to make a difference.

As an ADRA staff member, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that challenge you, develop your skills, and broaden your horizons. Whether you are interested in project management, program development, communications, finance, or fieldwork, ADRA around the world has a range of positions that offer professional growth and fulfillment.

At ADRA, we understand the importance of investing in our staff. We offer comprehensive training and development opportunities, ensuring that you have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your role and grow as a professional. While emergencies can mean long working hours hours, we are also committed to fostering a work-life balance and providing a supportive and inclusive work environment.

If you are a young person passionate about social justice, equality, and helping others, ADRA offers a platform for you to make a meaningful difference. By joining our team, you will not only be part of an organization that aims to transform lives, but you will also join a community of like-minded individuals who share your values and aspirations.

Take the first step towards becoming an ADRA staff member and make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Explore our current job openings here below and on the ADRA International website

Remember, the world needs young people like you who are driven, compassionate, and ready to create positive change. Together, let’s make a difference with ADRA around the world.

Interested in studying Development Studies? Then join us for an online session on January 18th, 2024, in cooperation with Friedensau Adventist University. 


Our interns are ambitious grads and undergrads who are on a mission to change the world. Sounds like you? Our ADRA Bridge internships cover a range of interests and experiences, so apply now!


This is your chance for a life-changing experience. ADRA Connections is our short-term volunteer program that takes you into the field to make an impact for communities in need.

No experience necessary!

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