A new Integration Center for Foreigners opened in Zielona Góra

A new Integration Center for Foreigners opened in Zielona Góra

ADRA Poland is running several Integration Centers for Foreigners (ICF) in various regions of Poland. The institutions are a comprehensive form of integration assistance. Their characteristic feature is the concentration of expert services in one place, addressed to people fleeing the war who decided to stay in Poland. A new centre in Zielona Góra opened on 18 November.

“We provide comprehensive care,” said Piotr Nowacki, ADRA Poland director. The centre will enable learning Polish, child care, psychological support and career counselling for people outside Poland.

ICF in Zielona Góra is the fourth Integration Center for Foreigners in Poland, opened by ADRA Poland. The Centers in Lublin, Warsaw, and Bydgoszcz have been thriving for several months, and the ICF in Katowice will soon begin its operation.

Residents can use individual consultations and psychological assistance aimed at helping to alleviate stress and war trauma. Beneficiaries will also be able to receive packages with food and hygiene products.

Language knowledge is key to integrating into the host society. That is why ADRA Poland conducts Polish language classes at each centre. It will allow refugees to find a job in the future and become independent. 

They can also benefit from legal advice and the services of a career counsellor and an integration specialist. Beneficiaries also receive assistance in formal matters related to life in Poland and support in crises.

Dorota Kasprzyszak, the Integration Center for Foreigners coordinator in Zielona Góra, is proud of the facility.

The harsh winter might force even more people to leave war-torn Ukraine. Considering the influx of war refugees from Ukraine to Poland, there is a great need for their integration into Polish society to get back on their feet as soon as possible. To help them, ADRA Poland, with the support of CARE, plans to open even more centres in various regions of Poland.