A passionate community raising funds for people in need

From all across Europe, we receive pictures and reports of churches, youth groups, schools and individuals donating and collecting funds for the people in ADRAs projects.

“To serve humanity, so all may live as God intended.” This purpose drives us, and drives also so many of our compassionate supporters across Europe.

Thank you!

It is the season of giving, and we want to express – from all our heart – our deepest gratitude to all of you! Investing your time, your talents, your resources is so inspiring and “gives us wings” and more importantly:

  • You are the reason that people in Ukraine, suffering from the cold weather, receive food, warm blankets, and new windows for damaged homes.
  • You are the reason that refugee families in Uganda receive the keys to their own little homes.
  • You are the reason, a woman in Mozambique can harvest big bags of corn, peanuts, and newly planted vegetables and feed her family tonight, tomorrow, and in the coming months.
  • You are the reason, a widow has a handful of coins in the evening, the income from her new small business.
  • You are the reason a mother and father with light in their eyes watch their daughter go to school! She will have a better future.
  • You are the reason that fresh water gushes out of a newly drilled well – it will be carefully framed not to be wasted. And families will have access to safe drinking water.

And these are just examples!

Thank you for being a blessing in the lives of thousands of families around the world!