ADRA builds temporary shelters for earthqake affected people in Morocco

ADRA Spain, with the support of donors and partners from the global ADRA network worldwide, has funded the construction of eight prefabricated shelters in one of the villages in the Atlas Mountains near the epicenter of the Morocco earthquake.

This is a project in which ADRA is working in coordination with a local nonprofit organization, and it will temporarily relocate 32 families who lost their homes on September 8th before the winter cold sets in. Since that day, they have been living in tents.

The project consists of eight prefabricated modular houses, each measuring 16 square meters, providing them with temporary, safe, and quality shelter. Each module includes four bedrooms, latrines, showers, and a communal kitchen. An outdoor area will be set up for children to have a play space.

As explained by the coordinator of ADRA Spain in Morocco, Daniel Abad, construction began on Sunday, October 8th. The first construction was completed on Tuesday, the 10th, and it is expected that the next module will be finished by Thursday. One of the most positive aspects of this project is that construction is fast and can be completed within two to three days.

“For now, this is the only type of construction possible because the country has halted all brick and stone construction until new regulations are approved for future building,” Abad explains. “These prefabricated houses are resilient, have good thermal insulation, and the families will be able to live in them throughout the process of rebuilding their villages, which could take one, two, or three years.”

This project, as well as the entire humanitarian response carried out in Morocco by ADRA, is made possible thanks to the selfless funding from our partners and, especially, the following countries: ADRA Germany, ADRA Japan, ADRA Australia, ADRA France, ADRA Canada, ADRA Netherlands, ADRA Belgium, ADRA Austria, Adra Europe, ADRA Austria, ADRA Norway, ADRA New Zealand, ADRA Czech Republic, ADRA Portugal, and ADRA Switzerland.

“There is still much work to be done because the scale of the disaster is immense, and there are many people in need,” adds the coordinator of ADRA in Morocco. “It’s impressive how resilient all the affected individuals are and their immense faith in Allah to overcome this. But there is still much to do. There are remote villages, very difficult to access, that are completely destroyed.”

Your support is crucial. Thank you for donating to the ADRA emergency fund and helping the earthquake-affected people in Morocco and those affected by other disasters around the world.