ADRA Czech Republic donates 100,000$ for Ukrainian refugees

$ 100,000 ADRA Czech Funding for the ADRA Romania Project “HOPE FOR UKRAINE” Implemented for Ukrainian Refugees from the Republic of Moldova.

From the first day of the conflict, refugees began arriving in the Republic of Moldova. As a result of the escalating military situation in Ukraine, the Moldovan government has simplified the entry of refugees into the country.

ADRA Czech Republic¬†in partnership with¬†ADRA Romania¬†, intervenes on the situation of refugees in the Republic of Moldova, through the framework project¬†“Hope for Ukraine”¬†, assisting their essential needs, respectively: children’s products (pants, blouses, T-shirts, socks, shoes, diapers, food babies, etc.), adult products (food, medicine, bedding, footwear, hygiene kits), shelter and transport.

The beneficiaries of the¬†“Hope for Ukraine”¬†project , which is part of the field of expertise¬†“Assisting the socially disadvantaged”, are Ukrainian refugees, a number of 5,500 people, whose main needs will be met in order to be able to cross the period more easily. crisis, triggered by war.

The project¬†“Support for refugees from Ukraine CZ-RO-MD”¬†, implemented for Ukrainian refugees from the territory of the Republic of Moldova, is carried out for 60 days, starting with March 8, in partnership with the Adventist Agency for Development, Recovery and Aid –¬†ADRA Czech Republic¬†(Financing Office),¬†ADRA Romania¬†(Coordination Office) and¬†ADRA Moldova¬†(Implementation Office).

The objective of the project¬†“Support for Refugees in Ukraine CZ-RO-MD”¬†, with a total value of 100,000 USD, is to assist a target group of Ukrainian refugees from the territory of the Republic of Moldova, consisting of a total of 5,500 people, of which 3,500 will benefit from transport services.¬†Within the project, a number of 120 accommodation places for refugees will be arranged.¬†It is estimated that 6,000 days of accommodation will be provided for 2,000 refugees, namely food, hygiene kits, medicines and support for the preparation of the necessary documents, in relation to the local public administration.

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine, from the very first day, ADRA Moldova, through his volunteers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has provided support to refugees in the neighboring country.

ADRA Czech Republic has been involved in providing transportation services for refugees coming on foot to cross the border, has hosted refugees at home for church members, offered them accommodation and inside several Adventist churches that have been transformed during this period into centers for refugees.

The ADRA volunteers received them in their homes and cared for them as if they were members of their families.¬†ADRA volunteers, day and night, were present at the border crossings, meeting the refugees with hot tea, something to eat and, most importantly, with warmth, which restored the refugees’ confidence that there was hope for the better.

“ADRA Romania, through the¬†” Hope for Ukraine”¬†project , continues to bring a ray of hope to the souls of those affected by this war, who have left their homes, leaving behind the agony of a lifetime.¬†Through the involvement of ADRA volunteers, but also through the contribution of sponsors and donors, ADRA is with the Ukrainian refugees from the Republic of Moldova.

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This article was originally published on the Inter-European Division’s news site.