ADRA Czech Republic will focus on providing heating, window and door repairs in Ukraine’s homes

ADRA Czech Republic will focus on providing heating, window and door repairs in Ukraine’s homes

Winter is coming, and our help and yours are still needed. For the people of Ukraine, it will be critical from the point of view of the humanitarian situation. Many organisations are addressing the problem, including ADRA Czech Republic.

“It is slowly getting colder not only in the Czech Republic but also in Ukraine. It complicates an already difficult situation for people who remained in war zones and those who took refuge in safer parts of Ukraine,” ADRA Czech Republic wrote in their call on social media.

In the coming months, people in Ukraine will have to deal with low temperatures, which sometimes drop to -20 °C. Because of the bombing, thousands of houses in Ukraine were destroyed, and sometimes windows or doors are missing, which can have fatal consequences in the winter months. 

“Quite some people stayed there through the summer, even though their house was broken. With winter coming, it’s challenging, and I think many people will consider going inland. There aren’t even enough building materials to prepare the house for the winter,” explains Josef Koláček, humanitarian aid coordinator and the KIP teams project.

He also addresses power outages in Kyiv. “The moment you don’t have electricity, large high-rise buildings cannot access water and waste. In the villages where we helped at the beginning of the conflict, we tried not only to deliver food but often also fuel, pebbles, coal and firewood so that people could fix their accommodation already in February. You can’t do that for a twenty or thirty-story block of flats,” he is clear.

ADRA Czech Republic, in cooperation with ADRA Ukraine and ADRA International, will help local people cope with the coming winter as best as possible. “We will financially support heating, window and door repairs. This way, we will help 1540 people – 530 families in the areas around Kyiv. We will continue to provide material and other humanitarian aid, depending on what is most needed,” an ADRA Czech Republic representative explains.

The ADRA Czech Republic is organizing a fundraising campaign to motivate people to purchase a humanitarian package. “You will help provide people with their basic life needs – food, warm clothes, blankets, but also repairs to heating, windows or doors that soldiers destroyed in the war. Thank you for helping us!” they conclude.

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Photo: ADRA Czech Republic