ADRA Germany invested 19 mio euros in 2021

ADRA Germany helped over two million people in 2021

ADRA Germany was able to invest more than 19 million euros in disaster relief and development cooperation projects in 2021. According to the annual report, the areas of disaster relief, health, education, and hunger relief were focal points in the budget. In total, more than 2.3 million people received aid.

ADRA Deutschland e.V. was active in 28 countries last year and helped 2,342,169 people. A total of 19,119,591.06 euros were spent, of which over 7 million euros for disaster prevention and aid, 1.6 million euros for the fight against hunger, 2.3 million euros for educational projects, and 7.3 million euros for health facilities and prevention.

Focus on flood relief in Germany 
The focus of the 2021 annual report is an impact report on disaster relief following the floods in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to emergency aid, reconstruction aid was also provided. For example, the reconstruction of social institutions was supported, and psychological support was also offered.

Asia and Africa as regional focal points
The regional focus of the work is on projects in Asia and Africa. On both continents, violence and conflicts determine the short-term humanitarian work. In Yemen, Myanmar, Somalia, and Ethiopia, ADRA Germany alleviated the suffering of people affected by the respective civil wars and crises. Furthermore, there is a focus on long-term adaptation to the climate crisis.

“We in Germany are part of the global climate change and its catastrophic phenomena. This also leads to the realization that only if our neighbors in poorer countries are doing well, Germany can also do well in the long run,” says Christian Molke, chairman of the Board of ADRA Germany.

ADRA Germany founded in 1987
ADRA Deutschland e.V. (ADRA Germany) is part of a worldwide network with 118 country offices and about 7,500 full-time employees. ADRA Deutschland was founded in 1987 as an independent non-governmental organization by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and carries out projects in development cooperation and humanitarian aid. The German office, with about 50 employees, is located in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt.