ADRA Bulgaria’s work praised by Duke of Edinburgh

ADRA Bulgaria received high praise from the Duke of Edinburgh for its work in the educational project “Wings for our children”. This project is already in its second year and covers about 1,200 Ukrainian children in Bulgaria.

ADRA Bulgaria reports: “Together with UNICEF, we provided different learning activities, non-formal learning activities, study rooms, we organized a kindergarten for the younger children, we had art festivals, we had different visits to museums and sights. About 60 Ukrainian teachers were involved in the ADRA Bulgaria project.

Creating a beautiful environment for classes and school, the people involved realized their stay in Bulgaria as an opportunity to develop their educational level as well as an opportunity to unite the nearby society.

For their part, the Bulgarian teachers provided Bulgarian language lessons for all age groups.

The project was visited by a representative of the US Embassy in Bulgaria and the Deputy Secretary General of the US Government.

At the beginning of the new school year, ADRA Bulgaria mediated for many Ukrainian children to enroll in a real Bulgarian school by mediating with the regional inspectorate of education.

For its special contribution to education, ADRA Bulgaria and its distinguished scholars received certificates from the city’s mayor.

Education is the essence of human existence! We proved it with our participation in this project.”

Pictures: ADRA Bulgaria. Two Ukrainian teachers, Natalia Kuzmenko and Daria Barc, participants in the ADRA and UNICEF project, received silver badges at the Auditorium of Sofia University.