Advocacy Meeting in Brussels: Shaping Change for ADRA

In March, ADRA representatives from eight European countries met in Brussels for an advocacy meeting. Their goal was, to discuss the dynamics of change within the context that ADRA works in. This meeting was a chance to talk, share ideas, and learn from each other to improve advocacy efforts for humanitarian and development causes.

The meeting began with a discussion and exploration of the current challenges and opportunities in the humanitarian and development field. Attendees explored the challenges, emerging opportunities, and shifting paradigms that are affecting ADRA’s mission and work and how they can adapt to them.

A highlight of the first day was hearing from prominent organizations like Concord and Voice about their successful advocacy work in Europe. Attendees also had the chance to speak with Irena Joveva, a Member of the European Parliament. Her perspective of the legislative lens enriched the exchange. She emphasized the importance of policy advocacy in making real change happen.

Diljana Kollarja from ADRA Albania summarized the meeting: “Advocacy is crucial for strengthening voices, kicking off change, and creating a better world for all.” This statement showed everyone’s commitment to using advocacy for transformative action.

During the second day, participants shared their experiences and best practices in advocacy from the countries they work in. Each participant had the opportunity to showcase successful Advocacy campaigns, partnerships with others, and impactful policy interventions. This sharing helped everyone learn from each other and come up with new ideas suitable for their local contexts.

Throughout the meeting, several important themes emerged: The need for community involvement and partnerships with governments and NGOs. Also, we should focus on gender equality, environmental justice, and peace-building in all our activities.

In conclusion, the advocacy meeting in Brussels was a crucial moment for ADRA and its partners to reflect, strategize, and mobilize resources to drive positive change in the European Region and beyond. Everyone there confirmed their dedication to shaping a more equitable and sustainable future for communities in need. We want to do this by leveraging collective expertise, working together, and amplifying voices, making the world a better place.

Maja Ahac, Head of Advocacy, ADRA Europe

Pictures: ADRA Europe & participants