Advocating Through Art: ADRA Europe’s Postcard Campaign Sparks Passion for Education in the European Parliament

Brussels, February 21, 2024 — Yesterday, ADRA Europe ignited a beacon of hope in the European Parliament as it distributed postcards to more than 700 members. Each letter with postcards carries children’s dreams. Messages came from Adventist churches, Camporees, Adventist schools, and Pathfinder clubs across Europe. This heartfelt initiative marks a significant moment in ADRA Europe’s pursuit to accelerate access to education for all children and youth globally through its global and regional campaigns “Every child. Everywhere. In school.” and “Send every child to school.”

The event was a gentle reminder of the urgent need to ensure every child’s right to education, irrespective of their circumstances. Joao Martins and Maja Ahac personally handed out these letters. Each postcard was a testament to young hearts longing for the light of knowledge.

ADRA’s “Every child. Everywhere. In school.” echoes across European countries, striving to dismantle the barriers that shroud millions of children in darkness, depriving them of the transformative power of education. ADRA Europe endeavours to weave a tapestry of opportunity, ensuring that no child is left behind on the journey to equal opportunities in life.

Reflecting on the event, Joao Martins expressed, “Distributing these postcards is a cherry on top of the cake because we have been on the journey to advocate for children already for five years. It was a privilege to distribute cards because every written word and colour on the canvas represents a child’s dream – a dream that deserves to flourish and bring more light to the world, which seems darker these days.”

Maja Ahac echoed Martins’ sentiments, emphasizing the importance of collective action in advancing educational opportunities globally. “Education is not just a privilege but a fundamental human right. Through collaborative initiatives like this, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of millions of children,” said Ahac.

In a heartfelt gesture, ADRA Europe extends its deepest gratitude to the children who poured their hearts into the ADRA Europe art contest and wrote messages on postcards. Their poignant artworks, now transformed into colourful postcards, serve as reminders of the transformative power of education. With every stroke of their brushes, they have painted a vision of hope, inspiring us all to strive for a world where every child’s right to education is fiercely protected and passionately pursued.

Hundreds of children have written messages on postcards for the last eight months. Children and youth came from Adventist churches, Pathfinder Camporees, Adventist European schools, and Pathfinder clubs. They have played a crucial role in advocating for education and raising awareness about ensuring every child has access to quality learning.

The distribution of these postcards at the European Parliament symbolizes more than just a gesture; it is a beacon of hope and children’s cry for positive social change. As ADRA Europe continues to champion the cause of education, let us stand united and join young advocates to ignite the flames of learning so all children and youth can live as God intended for them.

For more information about ADRA Europe’s educational campaigns and how to get involved, please visit the ADRA Europe’s website

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