Brazil: ADRA assists flood victims

ADRA mobilizes efforts to provide assistance to victims of heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul.

ADRAs Solidarity Truck is on its way to offer food delivery services, clothes washing, and psychosocial support.

ADRA is mobilizing efforts to provide assistance to victims of the heavy rains that recently hit Rio Grande do Sul. The organization is working closely with local authorities to offer support and assistance to the affected families.

“The Civil Defense released an official statement this morning, reporting that the storms caused damage in 235 municipalities in the region; at least 74 people are missing, and 56 were injured,” reported Daniel Fritoli, director of ADRA in Rio Grande do Sul, on May 3.

Picture: Volunteers at the ADRA space in Novo Hamburgo, Santo Alfonso Adventist Church.

To assist the disaster victims, ADRA has launched a national donation campaign through its PIX account at [email protected]. “The goal is to provide multipurpose vouchers to families in the southern region so they can purchase food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and even household utensils, which we believe are essential in this initial phase of response,” emphasizes André Alencar, Emergency Coordinator at ADRA Brazil.

The Adventist humanitarian agency is also working on the possibility of receiving donations from its international office, based in the United States, and other major partners who are always present in times like these.

In partnership with the Municipal Social Development Secretariat, the regional ADRA team in Rio Grande do Sul manages shelters to accommodate displaced individuals from various parts of the South of the country, in Porto Alegre.

Picture: In 8 years of operation, the solidarity truck has already washed and dried 191 tons of clothes. PHOTO: ADRA Brazil

Together with the Adventist Church of Northern Rio Grande do Sul, ADRA is dispatching its Solidarity Truck to Novo Hamburgo, where it will serve as a central point for deployment to areas where assistance is needed.

When activated, the solidarity truck takes up to 48 hours to reach the affected area, offering the ability to prepare 1,500 hot meals per day, wash and dry 105 kilograms of laundry per shift, and provide psychosocial support.

The truck left early this morning and is expected to arrive in the field by the end of the day tomorrow.

About the truck

ADRA’s Solidarity Truck is a mobile humanitarian aid unit that operates in natural disaster situations or social emergencies. With 45 m² of useful area, it is divided into three specialized compartments: one for preparing hot meals, another for washing and drying clothes, and a third space reserved for psychosocial support. In its mission and active since 2016, it has already served more than 178,294 meals and washed 191 tons of clothes, helping communities across Brazil cope with the devastating consequences of disasters.