Buy artworks and support the Ukrainian artists

Buy artworks and support the Ukrainian artists

On 12 December, connected to International migrant day, ADRA Slovenia opened a humanitarian art exhibition of Ukrainian artists titled ‘New life’. The artworks can be viewed online and are also available for purchase. Organisers decided to support the Ukrainian artists by organising the production, exhibition and selling of their artwork to support refugees’ life and work in Slovenia.

Liudmila Chemodanova is one of the artists that came to Slovenia in March. Before the crisis, she was a professor for over 20 years and taught painting and composition at a High school in Kharkiv. “It is vital to have organisations like ADRA supporting our work because many Ukrainian artists found themselves in a foreign country after the start of the war and became very vulnerable. Many did not have any materials or a place to produce their work. They did not know the language and the market to sell the artworks. Through cooperation with organisations like ADRA and APIS Institute, we were able to find those needed things so that the public got the opportunity to learn about the rich Ukrainian tradition and art.”

However, this art project’s sole purpose is not only to support and empower the artists but it is also used as a tool for advocacy and achieving greater awareness about human rights globally.

Natalia Markevich from the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Slovenia, who is also a great supporter of the Ukrainian community in Slovenia, praised ADRA Slovenia’s work: “Non-governmental organisation in general, and ADRA specifically, showed to be most efficient in targeting the specific, exact needs of Ukrainian people. They are very flexible and adjustable to new challenges, making their help to Ukrainian people both in time and exactly what they needed, mostly at a certain point. For us, we see ADRA’s help to Ukrainians in Slovenia to make one-quarter of the total help to these people, and was especially important for the children.”

ADRA Slovenia partnered with APIS Institute / Zavod APIS for this occasion. The event took place under the support and invitation of the Slovenian Migration Institute at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

A virtual exhibition of Liudmila’s work and the work of other artists is available here:

Virtual exhibition of Liudmila’s work and the work of other artists is available here:…/novo-%C5%BEivljenje

You can buy the artwork and see the prices here: