Casa ADRA – a safe place for children

In the center of “Casa ADRA”, there is a little boy with big eyes, curious and eager to learn everything. We named him *Albert (*name changed to protect the child), seeing his neat white shirt. Full of energy, he asked us all sorts of questions to get to know the surroundings of the center as quickly as possible and to quickly get into the routine of the shelter. He is 8 years old and does not go to school. He would have liked to learn, read and play with children his age, but his father thought the world would be too dangerous for him, so he restricted his freedom as much as he could. Albert’s hardest time was when he was chained to furniture so he couldn’t go outside to play. This rarely happened when his father wasn’t home to watch him, just to make sure he didn’t go outside, and when his father left and Albert snuck out to play, harsh punishments followed.

It all ended one day when Albert, after being tied to the furniture more than usual, said to his mother, “Mum, I can’t do this anymore!” They simply left, not knowing if they would be admitted to “ADRA House” if they would have anywhere to sleep. Not only were they welcomed in our center, but they found a family who welcomed them with open arms. Albert is happy, he plays outside, runs around, and has started to learn, write and read at a day center where he was welcomed through the efforts of the “ADRA House” team. He felt so happy on June 1st that he had a fairytale day: he painted, made soap bubbles, and received a present with his name on it.