Change the Story – against domestic abuse.

“The ‘Change the story!’ campaign, conducted by ADRA Romania, is not only about what a person experiencing domestic abuse can do; it is about what each of us can change. This scourge affects us, too, as its effects spread throughout the community and society. So,

we can all help change a story of abuse.

How? By providing emotional and informational support to those going through such situations. It is essential to believe the story of the one who dared to share it and support her with patience and empathy. Many survivors of abuse are not believed, which throws them into a cycle of learned helplessness from which it is even harder to break free. We need to be committed and actively fight for a better society.”, said Alina Bordas-Mohorea, Psychotherapist at ADRA Romania.

Violence against women has a series of deep and painful effects, both at the individual level and at the social level, being a serious and generalized problem with devastating effects on the victims. The online campaign “Change the story!”, carried out by ADRA Romania between November 25 and December 10, 2023, aimed to raise awareness among the population, authorities, and especially people at risk of violence that we can individually and in groups contribute to changing the current unfortunate story through determination, support and direct involvement.

The campaign “Change the story!” was part of ADRA Romania’s strategy to advocate for a united family, healthy relationships between partners, and the empowerment of survivors of domestic abuse.

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