City of Florence thanks ADRA Italy

Councilor of Florence thanks ADRA Italy for its support of Ukrainian refugees

Many Ukrainian refugees also reached Italy after fleeing the war in Ukraine. In the Florence area, ADRA Italy helped in delivering aid to the families in need. For their humanitarian efforts, they received praise from the Municipality of Florence.

Recently families, housed in the Florence area, received food packages. “Today, the Civil Defence of the Municipality of Florence, with the help of some affiliated voluntary associations, delivered food parcels provided by the food bank to 37 Ukrainian families in difficulty, housed in private accommodation in the municipal territory. A concrete help for a total of 105 people, including many children.” said the Municipality of Florence councilor Titta Meucci.

She thanked ADRA Italy for its involvement in the process: “A Special thanks go to ADRA Italia, a humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church, which took care of the packaging of the food parcels, and to the Municipality’s Civil Protection Service, which took care of the coordination and logistics.”