Cultivating Compassion: ADRA CZ’s Corporate Volunteering Journey in 2023

Transformative Impact: Corporate Volunteering with ADRA CZ in 2023

Volunteering takes many different forms. The thousands of long-term ADRA volunteers who regularly visit lonely elderly people or children in orphanages are joined by a growing group of people who experience corporate volunteering. In the past year, 475 corporate volunteers took part in 60 events. Some corporate teams welcome the opportunity to beautify the gardens and surroundings of homes for the elderly, spruce up a meadow for hippotherapy, help with a move at an orphanage, or open an ADRA store, all with manual assistance. Others enjoy spending time together with children or seniors, walking around the neighbourhood, chatting, playing board games, going to the movies together, or singing and roasting goodies around a campfire.

Building Connections – Meaningful involvement

“Smiles, swaying to the rhythm, but also tears of emotion, and finally singing and applause together were the perfect end to our volunteer day, which we had the opportunity to spend with the @dm drogerie markt team in the pleasant environment of the Máj Home for the Elderly in České Budějovice. We planted new flower beds for lavender and currants, weeded the front gardens for relaxing, brought homemade cake, gingerbread and savoury pastries for coffee and tea. Then in the afternoon we met the lovely residents of the home and the wonderful staff and sang together to the accompaniment of the harmonica. This memorable experience was very enriching and inspiring for us. We all agreed that getting involved in volunteer activities was meaningful and we would be happy to participate again.” dm drogerie markt team, České Budějovice

Enriching Lives

And how do the social and health care facilities themselves perceive Dobrodny? “For the employees and especially the clients of our Centre, it is a welcome diversification of everyday life at the Centre. The opportunity to meet and talk to new people is as important and enriching for our clients as it is for each of us. Volunteering is very meaningful and we firmly believe that it pleases not only our clients but also the volunteers themselves.” Andrea Bartošová, worker at the Centre for the Visually Impaired Chrlice in Brno

Cultivating Compassion: ADRA CZ’s Corporate Volunteering Journey in 2023

Overall, corporate volunteering contributes to team cohesion, loyalty to the employer and a healthy reinforcement of the company culture. After Dobrodny, not only those for whom the event was intended – seniors or children – but also the employees of the homes and the employees themselves express their satisfaction and joy.

Pictures and Text: ADRA CZ