ADRA BUS for homeless people will continue to drive on the streets of Belgrade … and, yes, we can shake hands again!

The homeless population in Belgrade is probably the most deprived subgroup out of all socially vulnerable communities, additionally at risk during pandemics. Without financial means, it is impossible to provide support to these almost forgotten people.

USAID Mission will award a $120,000 award grant to ADRA Slovakia for implementation of the homeless program “DrumoDrom” in Serbia. Last Friday, 28.05.2021, the representatives of the USAID Mission in Serbia and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic signed a memorandum of understanding. The financial award will enable the continuation of the project, aimed to provide support to homeless people.

The signatories were the USAID Mission action director Ms Shanley Pinchotti, the Slovak ambassador Mr Fedor Rosocha in Serbia, with the US ambassador to Serbia Mr Anthony F Godfrey as a witness. The delegation chose this event to be organized in ADRA`s Community Center.

“We are impressed by what the Slovak agency SlovakAid and organization ADRA has done for the homeless. Today we are awarding $120,000 so that, together with you, we can continue these efforts and support more people. Partnerships give birth to great things“, US ambassador to Serbia, Mr Anthony F. Godfrey, at the signing of MoU between SlovakAid and the USAID to support homeless.

Our guests also took the opportunity to peak into ADRA’s school on wheels.