GiveandGetHelp App at World Summit Award

We are thrilled to share some exciting news today! ADRA Poland’s app service,, has been selected to represent Poland in the prestigious World Summit Award in Chile in 2024. This remarkable achievement highlights the incredible work that ADRA Poland is doing to make a difference in people’s lives. is an anonymous mental health support platform “Together against the crisis. You are never alone” and has been nominated for the WSA 2023 award ( in the Health & Well Being category.

The World Summit Award is an international competition that honors outstanding digital innovation, and it is a truly remarkable accomplishment for to be selected to represent Poland.

ADRA Poland’s created service as the best and most innovative digital solution in the category related to mental well-being will represent Poland at the final gala in Chile in 2024.

What is and what does it offer? is a website that helps people in difficult situations by providing anonymous psychological care and support. It is a platform where individuals can find help without having to attend in-person support groups. The website operates 24/7 and is free for anyone to use. It increases access to support for people living in rural areas, small towns, and those who prefer to remain anonymous. The platform also supports individuals in the professional sphere who may be experiencing stress or other challenges.

Recently, incorporated artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive psychological support. The website serves as a community for people seeking help and support in Poland.

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This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the ADRA Poland team in developing this impactful app.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to ADRA Poland on this achievement. By providing a platform where people can come together to meet their needs, brings hope to individuals and strengthens communities.

Congratulations, ADRA Poland!