GiveAndGetHelp App secures 1st place in Start-up-Med 2024 competition

We are delighted to announce that one of the projects administered by ADRA Poland, the anonymous and free psychological support website, has secured first place in the prestigious Start-Up-Med 2024 competition. This competition serves as a complementary element to the Health Challenges Congress in Poland. is a portal that aids individuals facing challenging life circumstances within a virtual environment, ensuring complete anonymity while providing psychological care and support from the web portal community. It serves as a safe place for individuals who are not yet prepared for traditional support group meetings, as well as for those who, due to various reasons, are unable or simply prefer not to participate in such gatherings.

Video by ADRA Poland,

The primary objective of the competition is to identify and reward startups that develop the most creative and innovative products or processes for patients or healthcare. ADRA Poland’s platform, thanks to the votes of internet users, has been recognized as the most creative solution in addressing health issues, particularly in the realm of psychological support.

On March 7, during the Health Challenges Congress, ADRA Poland will receive this esteemed award handed over to President Karolina Wójcik-Kozłowska.

The Health Challenges Congress provides a platform for discussions on healthcare challenges in Poland, featuring over 50 sessions, debates, lectures, and presentations covering various aspects of the healthcare system, disease treatment, medical innovations, and the pharmaceutical market. Participants have the opportunity to engage with distinguished experts representing a multitude of medical disciplines, including academia, politics, local administration, non-governmental organizations, as well as the business, pharmaceutical, financial, and insurance sectors. Additionally, public health issues for the upcoming four years will be addressed during the debates.

Winning the competition and participating in the congress are exceptionally prestigious events, offering an opportunity to showcase the portal within the medical community and present it to specialists and experts in the field of psychological assistance. operates in Polish and Ukrainian languages.

Source: Text and pictures provided by ADRA Poland.