Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

25 February 2022 | Brussels, Belgium [João Martins]

ADRA Europe coordinates response and fundraiser

We are deeply troubled by the armed conflict in Ukraine and the devastating consequences than an escalation of violence could bring to this country of 44 million people. The potential for significant loss of life; destruction of homes, hospitals, and schools; deprivation of basic needs such as water, heating and communication systems is extremely high. Additionally, a significant influx of millions of refugees to neighbouring countries is expected.

In Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is preparing its teams to protect lives and bring support to those in need. ADRA Ukraine has over thirty employees and equipped offices in Kyiv, Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Mukachevo. There are also local ADRA coordinators and hundreds of volunteers all over the country. With the help of the staff, coordinators, and volunteers, ADRA is responding in different parts of the country.

Please support the appeal through your national ADRA office [photos: courtesy of João Martins]


ADRA teams in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries (such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova) need funds to assist refugees fleeing Ukraine.

ADRA Ukraine needs funding in order to:

  1. Continue its Water Sanitation and Hygiene Programme in the east of Ukraine. Thousands of residents in the remote villages along the contact line do not have access to basic needs, such as water, shelter and Non-Food Items (NFI).
  2. Purchase and store winterization materials. Food and NFIs which will be distributed in the following weeks.
  3. Prepare cash vouchers, which will be distributed in the following weeks.
  4. Procure petrol needed for the evacuation vehicles, to succour vulnerable people when local authorities cannot do so.

Thank you for considering supporting this appeal through your national ADRA office.

tedNEWS Staff: David Neal: Editor; Vanesa Pizzuto: Associate Editor