Medical transportation

Cancer does not stop during the war

Since the beginning of active hostilities, people with serious illnesses have found themselves in a very difficult situation in Ukraine. Taking into account the current problems with the availability of medicines, and the limited or even lack of expensive and complex therapies in the country, ADRA Ukraine, in cooperation with the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, facilitates the transportation of cancer patients abroad for treatment.

Humanitarian organization “Helping to Leave” which cares for critically ill patients, the “Lymphoma Coalition, the National Cancer Institute, which implements a program to extract cancer patients abroad, and ADRA Ukraine joined forces to help those in need of medical treatment.

Fifteen people were comfortably transported from Dnipro and Vinnytsia to Lviv and later to Italy, where they received treatment.

This has been the second such trip organized in cooperation with “Helping to Leave”. During the trip, future patients of Italian medical institutions have been accompanied by a medical worker who highly appreciated the comfort and attentive attitude of the driver to the needs of special passengers on the road.

ADRA Ukraine medical transport
Foto: ADRA Ukraine