Morocco Earthquake – Keys to a new home

At 88 years old, Fatim was one of the oldest people in the village to receive the keys to her new home, which will be temporary until Morocco orders the total reconstruction of the municipality.

On the day of the earthquake, she saved her life along with her 61-year-old son. “We spent a long time living outside without water, without electricity, without clothes, and without anything,” she explains. “The first 15 days were very difficult, but there was a lot of solidarity from the Moroccan people and other NGOs.” The space where her old house stood is now an empty lot. Excited about her new home, Fatmi is very grateful for this new opportunity to start over after the earthquake.

Standing in front of what remains of his old house, completely uninhabitable, Abdul’s story is similar to that of many other earthquake survivors. That day he was celebrating the birth of a new child in the village with about a hundred neighbors when everything started shaking. “The experience was terrible,” he recalls. “It all happened suddenly. Everything was fine, and then suddenly everything shook, there was a loud noise… And after that, the problem wasn’t the 15 or 20 seconds of the earthquake. The problem is all the destruction it caused, the dead, the displaced… Life has completely changed,” he adds.

For seven months, Abdul and his sister have lived in a plastic tent that has not protected them from the winter cold. Now, the 54 temporary houses built by ADRA put an end to this problem. Located in the highest area of the municipality, each of the houses measures 32 square meters and has kitchens, fireplaces to heat the spaces, communal bathrooms, and play areas for children.

Thank you to all our donors, that made ADRAs relief projects in Morocco possible!