Music and arts festival to support ADRA House

ADRA Romania is organizing the second edition of the “Child Flight” Campaign, which supports children and mothers, victims of domestic violence at ADRA House. As a part of fundraising activities, they are organizing an online International charity music and arts festival. The registrations are closing on November 11, 2022.

ADRA Romania wants to support and encourage children in developing their artistic skills and, with the funds raised, support the mothers and children at the ADRA House to be safe and receive specialized services.

The festival has 8 categories: 1. instrumental music, 2. vocal music, 3. musical composition, 4. theatre, 5. literary creation, 6. visual arts, 7. handmade creations, 8. my family (family time: cooking, singing, playing, etc.).

Besides the international music and arts festival, ADRA Romania will organize charity fairs and a trophies Gala.

The most talented children will be able to present their work and perform their winning pieces at the Trophies Gala.

Charity fairs will be organized locally by schools or independent groups of children. The children will make handmade products and the money collected will go towards ADRA House.

The information and regulations can be read here:, Facebook, Instagram

As we have reported, ADRA Romania runs the “Emergency Reception Center for Victims of Family Violence – ADRA House” since 2009. The objective of this project is the social reintegration of victims of domestic violence through shelter, social counselling, psychological counselling, emergency medical assistance, food and guidance to a lawyer. Between 2009 and 2021 ADRA Romania helped 3,552 victims of family violence, mothers and children, of whom 1,015 received accommodation at “Casa ADRA”.