New IT equipment for pupils in Hangu, Romania

New IT equipment for pupils in Hangu, Romania

The educational conditions for the 280 children enrolled at Hangu Secondary School in Hangu community, Neamț county in Romania are now improved. ADRA Romania equipped the IT laboratory with desktops, monitors, and projection screens. IT equipment for the computer lab paves the way for digital learning as an alternative, interactive and attractive means of study.

The objective of the project “A digital school in the country” was the purchase of IT equipment intended for an innovative approach in the field of education and the expansion of the use of ICT in teaching-learning-evaluation activities.

“Thank you to ADRA and the funder for choosing us to support us, and helping to improve the study conditions of the students in our school. Through the project, we tried to bring students into the digital age, to be equal with others,” said Elena Lălău, Director of Hangu Secondary School, Neamț county.

The purpose of the project, with an investment of 8,000 EUR, was to improve the conditions of sustainable education by digitizing the educational process. The new equipment is giving the chance for a high-quality education to rural students, by modernizing and equipping the school with IT equipment necessary for the learning process.

“I’m glad that ADRA is getting involved in education projects because we all know how important education is. In every child, there is a genius and if the parents or family unite with the school chances are that this potential will come out of every child. May God help us to bring out the best in these children!” said Georgel Pîrlitu, First Vice-President of ADRA Romania and Executive Secretary of the Conference Union of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Romania.

“ADRA Romania invests in people’s potential. Our greatest concerns are children and young people. More than half of the beneficiaries of ADRA Romania projects are from this category. Although in this century we have so many discrepancies, controversies, antitheses between rich and poor, between women and men, and political and ethnic differences, ADRA does not and will never take them into account. ADRA Romania believes that development must be achieved on all levels, both physical, intellectual and social, as well as spiritual. I wish with all my heart that the educational field in which ADRA invests a lot finds its impact through some children who will have the same chances in life as those who study in the city. The objective is to do something for the good of those who will come after us, we serve humanity so that everyone can live together as God planned”, said Robert Georgescu, Executive Director of ADRA Romania.


Since 1990, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency – ADRA Romania has been particularly involved in development projects that benefit the entire population. ADRA Romania brings joy and hope to the lives of the beneficiaries by promoting a better future, values and human dignity.

ADRA Romania is part of the ADRA International network, the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one of the most widespread non-governmental organizations in the world, being active in over 118 countries and guided by a philosophy that combines compassion with a practical spirit, addressing people in need, without making distinctions of the racial, ethnic, political or religious order, with the aim of serving humanity so that all may live together as God intended.