Power generators are the ”hot need” in Ukraine

Power generators are the ”hot need” in Ukraine

Power generators are currently the most needed equipment in Ukraine. As a result of the war, the shelters run by ADRA are also deprived of electricity and heating supplies. Many places, including those with small children, do not have access to hot meals, and people are freezing in very cold buildings.

Talne is a small town in southwestern Ukraine. Although it is not close to the war front, it was deprived of electricity and heating. Children in the shelter spend their days and nights in thick sweaters, fleece and even jackets to protect themselves from the cold. 

At night, the temperature outside drops well below 0. The shelter building gets colder and colder every day. Shortages in the supply of energy and gas make it impossible to heat the rooms, but also to prepare hot tea and meals for dozens of people in need. 

The only solution for people in the shelter is to buy power generators.

ADRA Poland has thanked the donors for donations that enable them to buy and deliver the first necessary devices that will warm the residents of shelters in Uman, Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, the cost of one such unit is an expense of several dozen thousand zlotys, and therefore our purchasing options are very limited. If you can help us purchase more equipment for shelters in Ukraine, we would like to ask for your support. Every penny really counts!” ADRA Poland explained in a fundraising call.