Reached through social media

Reached through social media

“I am from the small town of Popasnaya in the Luhansk region. In February the attacks began. We spent three weeks in the cellar. Then we ventured to leave the destroyed city. First, we went to the Donetsk region and then to Kyiv, where we live now. We have nothing left at home. Nothing. We left the clothes we were wearing while sitting in the basement. Jackets, warm clothes, trousers, sweaters. That is all we were able to take with us,” says Olga Zhizhimova. 

She found out about the support from ADRA on social networks. “Help from ADRA came just in time. When I got the news that ADRA approved our application and we got support, I called everyone I knew and told them that miracles do happen. We were able to buy the basic items. Now we have bed linen, towels and other things. I don’t know who else offers such an opportunity. Of course, the state is trying to help, but there are many of us and much help is needed. Thank you very much ADRA for your help. You are doing a great job!”

Like Olga, people learn about the possibility of receiving support from the ADRA Czech Republic on social networks, from their acquaintances, humanitarian workers or from ADRA’s website. ADRA Czech Republic partnering with ADRA Ukraine also arranged a spot on Ukrainian TV, to reach as many people as possible.

“We distribute financial aid based on applications that people make through our call centre. According to the documents sent via the Telegram application, the operators verify where the applicants are from, what their living conditions are, and whether they are already receiving help from another organization as non-profit organizations in Ukraine share this information,” ADRA Czech Republic explains the process.

The criteria for assisting are known in advance. The priority is given to women and single-parent households, pregnant and nursing women, children at risk, seniors, disabled people and other vulnerable people.

Foto: ADRA Czech Republic