Rehabilitation through Art

Rehabilitation through Art

ADRA Slovenia is organising weekly psycho-social support workshops for people with a migrant background. From February 2022, they are implementing them in two facilities – one in the capital Ljubljana, and another at the Slovenian seaside at the Ukrainian Accommodation Center Debeli Rtič.

“It is proven that psycho-social support workshops are one of the most important ways to help vulnerable groups in general, but especially in crisis and stressful situations,” Katja Kotnik, director of ADRA Slovenia, explains.

These workshops also include creating with different materials, playing musical instruments, and artistic expression. The rehabilitation process through art is essential.

“The Ukrainian crisis has shown, on a large scale, that we also need to consider the need of the vulnerable groups for non-material support. Different organisations take care of the material needs of the refugees and migrants. But the need is also for a different kind of support. So, they highly appreciate us spending time together and devoting energy to their well-being,” Katja Kotnik concludes.

ADRA Slovenia will continue using art in psycho-social support workshops in 2023, as beneficiaries and the public administration evaluated the workshops as needed and beneficial.