Dreams About Normal Life

Meet Gaga. Gaga is a homeless lady living on the streets of Belgrade for ten years already.
What are her dreams? To live a normal life. To have a place to sleep and feel safe.
Gaga has only 48 years but her face looks much older. She started to experiment with heroin during the war in Serbia in 1999. She was only a young woman at that time. Heroin is an enemy that is hard to beat but she managed to defeat it. Gaga has not injected heroin for 5 years now.
In 2010 she almost died. Gaga was in the hospital for several months and when she left the hospital, she had no place to go. She became a homeless woman. She is begging for food and money on the streets of Belgrade.
What brings happiness to Gaga? Having a meaningful conversation with a friend, the birth of a new day, and news that one of her friends overcame alcohol abuse and becomes a free person.
Gaga is one of many homeless people supported by ADRA and the partnering organisations like SlovakAid. Many individual people support as well. Thanks to you, homeless in Belgrade are having access to hygienic and medical services. A certain number will obtain medical insurance and have easier access to the formal healthcare system.
In the next 6 months, a total of 3,600 showers and laundry services in Drumodom vehicle, 2,400 medical outreach interventions and 10,000 hygienic packages will be delivered. Total of 10,000 individuals will be supported.

The project “Hygiene, prevention and health care for homeless people in Belgrade during COVID-19” is implemented by ADRA Slovensko and ADRA Serbia. It is a response to additional risks homeless are exposed to in the context of Covid-19 pandemics.

Drumodrom is a project supported by ADRA International and individual supporters. THANK YOU all for bringing hope to people like Gaga.

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