Hungary: ADRA and church join hands

SDA Church in Hungary and ADRA partner in collecting aid for Bucha

The Danubian Conference of the Hungarian Union of the Seventh-day Adventist Church held a large-scale collection of donations to help the residents of the town of Bucha, near Kyiv. All material and financial donations with the help of ADRA and NEEKA charities were sent from Budapest to Mukachevo, and from there they were delivered to Bucha by a large truck and a minibus. Bucha residents received $20,000 in aid.

Among the cargo worth 7 million forints (almost 20 thousand dollars) were, in particular, 5 electric generators, 20 mobile gas stoves, lamps, flashlights, several thousand batteries, candles, medical drugs, hygiene products, baby food, and food. One of the electric generators was given to the local Department of Emergency Services in Bucha.

The previous four humanitarian shipments from Hungary were sent to help displaced people and people in need, mainly in Transcarpathia. The same aid was distinguished by the fact that it was delivered directly to the places affected by the war.

Despite the fact that the Adventist church organized the aid collection, many non-Adventists, some Hungarian cities and villages, and their councils joined with the donations, highlighting the importance of partnerships among SDA church, ADRA and other organizations in providing humanitarian aid.