Shelter for refugees in Budapest

Shelter for refugees in Budapest

ADRA Hungary launched a new project in June, in partnership with the UN International Organization for Migration (UN IOM), providing shelter for refugees arriving in Budapest.

For the short-term stays, they provided hotel rooms. For those refugees arriving in the country and looking for medium-long stay options, they rented a workers’ hostel. The hostel is full. In July, 57 people stayed at that accommodation, and 34 people visited the hotel rooms.

In August, new accommodation options were provided, as the needs increased. ADRA Hungary rented 30 condominium apartments for the 112 refugees. By the end of August, all apartments were inhabited, most of the time by families with several children.

The drivers working in the program continuously help refugees connect to the health care system, as well as any other necessary passenger transport.

During the implementation of the program, a continuous working relationship was established with the staff of the partner organization, which works excellently, Zoltan Sitkei, ADRA Hungary’s Country Director is reporting. 

“The UN staff are constantly in contact with the refugees and help them, and ADRA Hungary’s staff are constantly meeting their basic needs,” he adds.
ADRA Hungary is already planning new projects to help those in need. “We support refugees arriving in our country and we also received additional inquiries from the ADRA Germany and ADRA Japan to support asylum seekers. Those programs are in the process of being developed and finalized,” Sitkei adds.