Slovenia: 336 tons of mud cleared

18 days have passed since the flood in Slovenia. The water causes around 500 million Euro damage to more than 2/3 of the country. The ADRA volunteers have since helped more than 4100 hours. So far they have cleaned up 336 tons (!) of mud, rubble and waste.

ADRA has been able to distribute 23 dryers and thus prepares a total of 136 houses to become habitable again. Geert Hendriks is on site and says: “It looks like the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. At first glance, the houses look better now, but inside you can see that it is dangerous or not possible to still live in them”.

The Slovenian local government coordinates the assistance through civil protection and fire brigade. ADRA has identified 3 areas where they can help. The team consists of the director of ADRA Slovenia, Katja Kotnik, and the communication officer and project management assistant Ziva Leben.

Geert stays in Slovenia for 20 days to support this small team with expertise but also practical help. The days are long, often from before sunrise to long after sunset. The president of the adventist church conference is in the field together with a general board member of ADRA Slovenia and has been working there almost day and night for more than 10 days. They have set aside their own work to support ADRA in their work. It is remarkable how much work these and the other 100 volunteers have already done together with the strong ADRA team.

Your donation will help them buy cleanup and cleaning materials for their work. ADRA distributes food, drinks and hygiene packages and is now working hard to make as many dryers available as possible. The households they help also receive financial help with the high electricity costs. We continue to keep them in our prayers.

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