Symbolic award for ADRA Slovakia

Symbolic award for ADRA Slovakia

For the first time in history, the Council of the White Crow organization decided to award a symbolic award to everyone who, in some form, participated in helping Ukraine and people on the run. Among them is also ADRA Slovakia.

“This award also belongs to our dedicated colleagues, volunteer teams in our eight centres, the place of humanitarian aid Kto pomôže Ukrajine who daily encounter difficult stories of people on the run and are often faced with difficult decisions,” ADRA Slovakia wrote.

“We thank the White Crow and everyone who took a clear position in these difficult times and took the side of those who became victims of aggression. As a humanitarian organization, we stand on the side of humanity, and saving human lives, health, and dignity is paramount for us,” they add.

This year’s third award is exceptional, organisers explain. For the first time in the history of the award, the Council decided to grant the award as open symbolically to anyone who did not lose their compass in this historical situation and helped the victims of the invasion or tried in any way to mitigate the consequences of the horrors of war.

“Any act that is based on the values ​​and real possibilities of the given individual is correct and courageous. Therefore, this year we are awarding the White Crow award symbolically to a group of selected actors from various parts of society, whose help and support was exceptional and unquestionable”, Tomáš Němeček explained in the name of the organizers.

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