“The last two years were the most tragic in my life!”

“The last two years were the most tragic in my life!”

Liubov Mykhailivna from Toretsk, Ukraine, is 72 years old, but she remembers the last two years as the most tragic. This is her story.

Having overcome cancer, the woman barely had time to recover from a round of chemotherapy when her husband soon fell seriously ill. Mrs Liubov cared for her bedridden husband for a long time until his health deteriorated. He needed an urgent operation, so they left Toretsk, Donetsk region, for Dnipro.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to save her husband. He died in the hospital, and Liubov Mykhailivna was left all alone. While a personal tragedy was happening in a woman’s life, a full-scale war had already begun, so it was dangerous to return to Toretsk. The woman spent all her money trying to save her husband and didn’t even have any personal belongings.

Volunteers and caring people offered the woman to move to a hotel for internally displaced persons in Uman and told her about the evacuation program from ADRA Ukraine. Liubov Mykhailivna agreed, and a few days after filling out the application, she was evacuated. Now she is in more comfortable conditions, is warm and has electricity. 

Liubov Mykhailivna plans to stay in Uman all winter until it gets warmer. “My hometown has no water, electricity, or heating. I cannot stand such conditions and cold. My age does not allow it, and I have many diseases,” she sadly explains.

She is very grateful to all volunteers and curators of the evacuation project, who brought her quickly and comfortably to Uman for free. “The volunteers arrived immediately. Everyone is so friendly and responsive. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude for your strong support in a difficult moment!”