UN: Almost 7000 civilians died in the war; the actual number is much higher

UN: Almost 7000 civilians died in the war; the actual number is much higher

The United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights announced that according to official records, 6,884 civilians died in the war in Ukraine, including 429 children. However, the actual death toll is much higher, as, in some places, it is impossible to count the victims due to the fighting. The war continues for over 300 days.

Meanwhile, fighting continues in eastern and southern Ukraine. According to the British Ministry of Defense, despite the continuation of the war, there have been no changes on the battlefield. After the conquests of Ukrainian units in November, which successfully conquered many territories, there are now no significant movements.

The war has created one of the largest human displacement crises in the world. About one-third of Ukraine’s more than 40 million population have been forced from their homes at some point since the invasion, with more than 7.8 million refugees heading towards Europe and some six million people being internally displaced within the country. 

Since late February, the UN has recorded 16.5 million border crossings leaving Ukraine and 8.7 million enterings. There have been 8.5 million crossings to Poland, 1.9 million crossings to Hungary, 1.7 million crossings to Romania, 1 million to Slovakia, and 0.7 million people crossed the border with Moldova. Sixteen thousand seven hundred crossings were with Belarus, while the UN reports 2.6 million crossings leaving Ukraine to Russia.

Those who fled Ukraine were primarily women and children, as men aged 18 and 60 were instructed to remain and fight.

ADRA continues with numerous activities for Ukrainian people within the country, in neighbouring countries and in other countries around Europe. From humanitarian aid packages and hygiene kits, we provide food, water, clothes, power generators, evacuation options, and transportation. ADRA runs centres for foreigners and shelters, offers psychological support, organizes foreign language courses, and many activities for children.

Justice. Compassion. Love. These three words are at the heart of ADRA’s mission, and their importance is never more evident than in our work right now with those affected by the war in Ukraine.

ADRA office in Mariupol, Ukraine ruined
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