We are not alone in this world

Pathfinders support ADRA Projects through their Decisions during the EUD Pathfinder Camporee

For ADRA in Europe, the connection to Adventist Youth is very important. They will be the future ADRA leaders and we want to motivate them to think about ADRA and maybe to work for ADRA in the future. We want them to understand the living conditions of people in other parts of the world. And we provide them with a reason to be generous and support a project abroad.

This is, why ADRA Europe joined the EUD Pathfinder Camporee 2023 in Friedensau, Germany this week at the beginning of August.

João Martins, Executive Director of ADRA Europe, reports from the camporee workshops, that he presents with the help of Viktoria Pedchenko, a Ukrainian refugee who moved to Germany in 2022. Her life changed due to the war and she decided to change other people`s lives through peace and care.

In ADRAs workshops, children learn about the situation of other children across the world.

They reflect on the effect of the e.g. clothing industry on the planet and how they act and consume more sustainably.

As Christians we are called to make a difference in the lives of others. To help pathfinders understand the challenges that other children and adults face, 4 games show children different traps of the cycle of poverty. They touch:

  • Gender equality, and the unequal access to resources, which is a barrier for many women to escape the cycle of poverty
  • Prosperity – how can we share resources that everyone gets a fair part and has enough
  • Education access – how different children have different opportunities to grow and develop in different countries
  • Environmental issues and how we can have a responsible consumption of the goods that we have.

Stepping up for Education

Aside from this, ADRA asks pathfinders to members of the European Parliament, asking them to use their influence to channel it to other regions of the world to give children access to quality education.

Pathfinders can give their talents to a Childrens project in Ethiopia

In 2019, the Camporee in Portugal had amassed 80 thousand Euros – collected in small spheres that young people pledged, giving up products or actibities they could enjoy, so that other children in Sao Tomé could have access to better education.

Also this year, pathfinders can collect talents by participating in a diversity of activities, and donate these for a project supported by ADRA Germany in Mekele, Ethiopia, that provides medical care to young children there.

The Pathfinders, with ADRA, change the world, one life at a time, with justice, compassion and love.

Photos: © ADRA Europe

Adapted from an original article published first by EUDNEWS “We are not alone in this world” :: Inter-European Division News (adventist.org)