Welcomed by tears: Aid to remote villages of Kherson and Kharkiv

Welcomed by tears: Aid to remote villages of Kherson and Kharkiv

ADRA Ukraine has delivered food assistance to residents of isolated settlements in the Kherson and Kharkiv regions. People, living in critical circumstances met them in tears. 

“The road to Velyka Oleksandrivka village was terrible, destroyed. In some places, it was completely impossible to pass, or only through fields, so we had sappers with us, who were driving ahead. We were going very slowly and carefully for more than five kilometres. We even punctured the wheels twice! People met us with tears, they were happy to receive everything that we brought,” Olha, ADRA Ukraine’s volunteer describes the dangerous journey.

After being isolated for so long, the situation in these settlements is critical. The circumstances did not allow for regular food deliveries and the needs are vast.

People in the settlements of Kherson and Kharkiv regions are receiving humanitarian aid packages. Food packages, weighting 17 kg, were delivered to residents of Derhachi, Guta settlement, Starytsa village, Rzhavets village in Kharkiv region, and Velyka Oleksandrivka village and Velyka Lepetykha village in Kherson region.

ADRA Ukraine’s activities are supported by the UN World Food Program.

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Foto: ADRA Ukraine