Winter is coming

Millions of Ukrainians live in damaged homes or buildings without sufficient protection from harsh winter conditions. In some parts of the country, the temperatures can drop below -20 degrees Celsius.

Structural damage to buildings and infrastructure across Ukraine following the escalation of the conflict, which began on February 24, 2022, and resulted in unprecedented displacement, is enormous. It is estimated that 15.7 million Ukrainians require humanitarian assistance, with 7.1 million internally displaced people living in private homes or collective centres.

Displaced people, property damage, sudden loss of livelihoods and disruption of supply chains have left many families in uncertainty. In rural communities, it is even harder to provide a safe and warm place of residence. It is even more challenging and costly, with shortages of materials and skills that could hamper self-recovery efforts. There are an estimated 44 million square metres of damaged homes. The current estimation of damages to the housing sector nationwide is over $ 39 billion.

In anticipation of winter, more funds are needed to prepare communities at risk and accelerate critical activities to support vulnerable individuals and families in Ukraine.

ADRA Ukraine is working on a major wintering project to support families in Kiev and internally displaced people in three other locations. Wintering refers to works that improve or provide insulation and heating in a shelter. Insulation interventions can include anything from insulating walls and ceilings to repairing or replacing windows with double-glazed windows with a higher insulating value. Repair of heating appliances also falls into this category.

The ADRA Network continues to support the interventions and pray for the families affected by this war.