World Homeless Day

Everyone can become homeless one day.

Go for a walk and observe your street. Most probably, some of the people you will meet are without a home. Every town or even village has homeless people. But what do we know about them?

•            Homeless people sleep rough. Most of them spend nights in abandoned buildings, premises, construction sites, public places, and building basements.

•            Homeless people live in constant fear and anxiety. They focus on surviving a day, avoiding robbery or freezing to death.

•            Homelessness is a result of series of adverse circumstances. A person becomes homeless after being exposed to a series of events they cannot overcome: living in poverty, poorly paid job, no social network and family support, disability or mental health issue, poor social welfare system, domestic violence, conflicts or disasters. Homelessness is rarely a matter of choice.

•            Homeless people abuse substances to survive. The mental disturbance is both a cause and a result of homelessness.

•            For many people with homes, homelessness is only two months away. The majority of people have enough money to survive two months. If someone loses a job, gets sick, and is abused and chased away from the family, they can only live on the street. Maybe that someone is your neighbour, friend or even – you.