World Refugee Day in Ragusa

Building a stronger community of Ragusa

Training for youth was organized to mark World Refugee Day in Ragusa, Italy. A three-days-event (June 18-20) was organized on the topic “Building Trust through Dialogue in Local Communities”.  

A group of 20 young people, refugees from different countries, and local youth shared activities and discussed this important issue. Using the non-formal education tools they have worked on building confidence in the community for better integration.

“This is a really rich experience, a nice challenge also because somehow we have the opportunity to meet cultures in the city”, said Dag Pontvik, director of ADRA Italy.

Abigaela Trofin, pastor of SDA Church in Ragusa added: “For me, it is extraordinary to know that Ragusa community has opened its doors to multiculturalism and to see a training course where there are young people from different nations playing, reflecting, and coming together to build a bridge.”

The main objective was to provide the young participants with skills on the topics, also through reflections, that will allow them to strengthen inclusive integration through dialogue and promote the involvement of relevant entities and local institutions.

The initiative under the patronage of the City of Ragusa was supported by the “Network for Dialogue” and coordinated by Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg and ADRA Italia Onlus, in collaboration with a local association.

A video was produced to capture the higlights of the event.