Youth ADRA Connections: the solidarity experience in Europe!

After a pause in the launch of solidarity trips called #Youth ADRA Connections, Serbia will welcome – in July 2024 – a group of young Europeans willing to come and support an ADRA community centre in Belgrade.

Youth ADRA Connections is the short-term service program of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) together with the Youth Ministries Department of the Intereuropean Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. A trip with #Youth ADRA Connections takes volunteers into the field to put compassion into action and make an impact on communities in need. But foremost – to learn from being exposed to a new culture and also different realities of life they may encounter. No previous humanitarian experience is necessary. Through #Youth ADRA Connections, volunteers have the chance to experience a life-changing adventure, find their purpose in service, create lasting friendships and see faith in a new and transformative way.

Why join this project?

In partnership with the youth section of the Inter-European Division of the Adventist Church, discover the joy of helping, the thrill of adventure and the power of unity! The #Youth ADRA Connections trips are your ticket to a world of impactful relationships and service.

But be warned: the 33 places are spread across Europe and intended for 18-25 year olds! Don’t wait to sign up!

This is where most of our work will take place:

  • Construction activities. There will be construction/reconstruction work on the current community centre: a new floor that will allow new activities for the most vulnerable families in the local community.
  • Helping to distribute food from the food bank. A workforce is needed for this.
  • Helping children from poor neighbourhoods to learn English and German at the centre and at the mobile school.

Learn more about these projects here below: